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Welcome to Torstar Syndication Services

The largest syndicate in Canada, in operation for over 75 years, Torstar Syndication Services (formerly known as the Toronto Star Syndicate) provides excellent editorial content to newspapers and other media. Whether it's material produced by Torstar writers and columnists, comics and features from King Features Syndicate of New York - the oldest and largest syndicate in the world - or content created by Canadian talent, Torstar Syndication Services is proud to provide editors with quality syndicated material on which they can rely.

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Ollie and Quentin Ollie and Quentin

"A buddy strip about the unlikely friendship between a seagull named Ollie and an accident-prone lugworm named Quentin."

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Dustin Dustin

At 23, Dustin is unmarried, unemployed, still living with his parents and unable to see any of that as a problem.

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New Stuff  
The YOU Docs The YOU Docs

Drs. Roizen and Oz, Oprah's 'doctors', show readers how to get the most out of life through good health and a sensible diet.

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Deflocked Deflocked

A comic about four outcasts who are forced to coexist in the folds of suburbia on a centuries-old working farm called Lubberland Farms.

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