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Master Strokes

by Phil Franke

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Sample Column

About the Column:

Golfers, no matter what their level of proficiency, share one common goal ? they all want to lower their scores and improve their games. Master Strokes, a comprehensive weekly golf instruction feature, provides newspaper readers with practical tips from certified PGA golf instructors and magnificently detailed, illustrated panels from Phil Franké, creator of Master Strokes and highly regarded illustrator of Golf Tips magazine.

Franké collaborates with distinguished golf instructors such as Jim McLean, who ranks as the No. 3 golf instructor in the United States, and Keith Lyford and Dana Rader, both of whom rank among the Top 50 golf instructors in the country. Together, they develop quick-read, easy-to-understand tips and graphic mini-lessons that enable golfers to visualize new approaches to golf?s most common and frustrating conundrums.
Distributed weekly to more than 150 newspapers, Master Strokes offers unparalleled expert advice and visual techniques to recreational golfers of all ages and levels. Each week, the feature contains three illustrated golf lessons that sports page editors can run together or as stand-alone panels.
Two "Today's Tips" - weekly: This weekly panel provides easy-to-follow directives and useful advice to golfers of every handicap. One panel is available in color.
The "Seniors Tip" - weekly: This panel recommends subtle adjustments to older golfers that will help them avoid injuries and polish their games.
In addition to offering golf tips from the best golf instructors in the country, Master Strokes sets itself apart from other golf instruction features. It brings the added value of attracting advertisers who want to reach and connect with recreational and competitive golfers, one of sports? most desired and brand loyal consumer groups.